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Blended learning

At TMLA we offer blended learning which is e-learning combined with traditional face to face classroom methods. It involves more independent study from the learner and support from the tutor creating a new, hybrid teaching methodology. TMLA has created an online study platform called “Aspire” on which students will work on Tuesdays. Traditional face to face learning sessions will fall across 2 intensive Saturday sessions of six hours each plus two 1-2-1 tutorials.

Blended Learning - Is is for you?



  • Greater time flexibility and convenience by working part of the time online from home, office or when travelling.
  • Opportunities to interact with tutors and fellow students both in class and online.
  • Access to up-to-date resources available via the Web.
  • Participate more in class discussions since they can choose environment — online or face-to-face — in which they feel more comfortable.
  • 24/7 access to online course materials.
  • Opportunity to receive individual and more frequent feedback from the tutors.



  • It requires discipline in terms of diary management and time management to keep up to date with the programme schedule.
  • It requires a willingness to study independently with only limited direct interaction and discussion with other students when compared to face to face
  • Responsibility for learning is focused on the student rather than the tutor. The tutor is there to guide and support but there is less direct input available from the tutor.

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