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Courses - Marketing - CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

Course Overview

The Level 4 qualifications are for those aspiring professional marketers who wish to gain knowledge & skills to succeed & progress within a career in marketing.

You'll have a choice to choose between studying the Certificate in Professional Marketing or the Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing. Both qualifications will equip you with the skills, knowledge & understanding to perform at an operational level & carry out an essential & successful professional marketing role with the workplace.

To achieve a full qualification at level 4, a pass in both mandatory modules & one elective module is required.  Currently there are two elective modules to choose from at Level 4, which will determine which qualification you will achieve on completion.


Applied Marketing + Planning Campaigns + Customer Insights = Certificate in Professional Marketing
(Mandatory)               (Mandatory)                 (Elective)
Applied Marketing + Planning Campaigns + Digital Marketing Techniques = Certificate in Professional
(Mandatory)                (Mandatory)                  (Elective)                                              Digital Marketing

What students say

Martin Hodgkinson

CIM Student

Whilst being tutored by Amanda & Cham, I found them both very professional & knowledgeable.

One of the biggest benefits of working with them was their extended knowledge of not only the markets they worked in, but broader topical markets.

The service they provided with a class full of people ensured all individuals were involved & the one-to-one tuition when I was getting closer to exams & assignment submission was excellent.

Anna Falkowska

CIM Diploma student

I have had a pleasure of working with Richard, Cham, Amanda & Jo while studying for my CIM qualifications.

They are a team of professional, highly experienced & inspiring individuals who have played crucial part in my marketing career development.

They provide an engaging learning experience & they go extra mile to support their students. I look forward to continuing my CIM PG studies at TMLA.

Emma Jones

CIM Diploma student

The TMLA team have a combined wealth of knowledge & experience that’s invaluable for both guiding you through the course material & helping you in your individual career. Unlike some academic courses, the teaching structure & the information I received was really applicable & relevant to my marketing role. When you can relate the syllabus to your own professional experience it’s much more useful & also much easier to understand. The TMLA tutors were great at making this professional-academic connection.In addition, the support I received whilst studying for my CIM diploma was excellent, the tutors made a real effort to make sure everyone was well prepared for exams & submitting assignments. They always dedicated lo

Who is it for?

Our level 4 qualifications are for those aspiring professional marketers who wish to gain knowledge & skills to succeed & progress within a career in marketing. Some typical job titles of those who study our level 4 qualifications include: marketing executive, marketing officer, marketing communications executive & communications specialist.

What does it entail?

12 months of study divided into three terms (January to March, April to June, September to November) with 2 mandatory modules & 1 elective module.  You will study one module each term.  Each module is assessed through either an examination or an assignment at the end of each term.  A pass in each module is required to achieve the Level 4 qualification.

Why choose this programme?

The Level 4 is the starting point to develop your marketing career through a blend of practical skills & academic understanding. You will increase your confidence & employability, keep up with the latest trends & stay ahead in your field.

What does it lead to?

CIM qualifications are recognised by businesses all over the world. The Level 4 qualifies you to study the Level 6 Professional Marketing qualifications.

How will I study?

You can choose to study face to face with other students from a range of organisations & industries at our teaching venue in Derby.  Teaching sessions take place on a weekday evening & there is usually one weekend session each term.  Alternatively, you can choose to study through our blended learning programme  combining face to face & online learning.  A new online only option will be available from September 2020.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your qualification is made up of tuition fees which are payable to TMLA.  These will depend on the level of your qualification and the delivery option you choose. 

Download our 2020 course fees

To find out more about the Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing call The Marketing & Leadership Academy on 0845 257 0767 or email